We want you to succeed and be happy!

In today’s fast paced business world business operators need relevant data and insightful advice to keep up with innovative competitors and constant regulatory change.

In this environment, we believe the modern accountant needs to provide business clients with more than just a set of historical financial statements and a complying tax return.

Unity Advisors takes a holistic approach to providing business advisory services to SMEs. It’s about looking at the whole picture, about utilising historic and present data to make realistic plans for the future.  This involves examining the fundamentals of your business but just as importantly how your business fits in with your short term and long term personal wealth goals and your succession or exit strategy. One has to truly understand where they are now to be able to make tangible plans for the future.

To be able to provide our clients with relevant and insightful business advice we invest the time to understand your business.

Let’s begin by getting to know you and your business

We begin the process of understanding your business by conducting an initial interview with all new or prospective clients to discuss the fundamental elements of their business. This interview generally takes between 1 to 2 hours.  The interview is structured to cover a range of issues at a high level. The interview not only allows us to get to know you and understand your business but may also prompt you to consider relevant business opportunities and risks that have not previously come to mind.

Often business owners are so busy working in the business they often neglect working on the business.  This may explain why so many SMEs have do not even have a formally documented business strategy or plan.

Following the interview, we will provide a report collating the issues raised and arrange a follow up meeting to discuss these findings.  The follow up meeting generally prompts clients to review and update their strategic business plan – or indeed prepare a business plan where one previously did not exist.

Improvement is a constant process of review, decision making and action

The environment in which your business operates is not static so neither should your business strategy be.  Unity Advisors are committed to providing you the accurate, timely and relevant information to assist you make the right business decisions.

We deliver this information by meeting with you on a periodic basis to:

  • Track your key business performance indicators.
  • Compare your financial performance and position against trends within your own industry
  • Discuss your business strategy and the impact of internal and external influences on achieving your business goals.

Unity Advisors utilises a number of business software tools to help transform your financial data into relevant useful reports that can be used to track the key performance indicators of your business.  We will also draw on industry specific reports and data to compare your performance against your competitors and assess the potential impact of industry regulation and trends on your business strategy.

Our level of involvement in your business is up to you.  At a minimum we would recommend our involvement in an annual review of any strategic plan, no matter how small your business.  We are available to provide monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual reviews depending on the size, complexity and growth phase or your business.

Let’s get working together

So if you want to engage an accountant who cares about your success and takes the time provide more than just financial statements and tax returns, then please contact us to arrange an initial consultation.