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At Unity Advisors we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional accounting and specialist tax services with the outstanding service, technical expertise and sound advice you need to achieve your business and financial goals.

We’ve built our business on the core values of collaboration, respect and integrity, believing the best outcomes are always achieved by proactively engaging with every client to understand their unique circumstances, current needs and future aspirations.

We are firm advocates of strategic planning for the future as the gateway to success, and share in our clients’ personal and business journeys for the long term. Our service goes way beyond keeping your books straight.




We strongly believe our role is much more than just preparing tax returns for your business. Our role in the success of your business is one we take very seriously...

Specialist Tax Advice & Services

Taxation is complex and always changing. At Unity Advisors we pride ourselves on the depth of taxation knowledge and experience we can utilise to assist our clients.

Self-Managed Superfunds

Superannuation can be a great option for building personal wealth in a low tax environment. Today, Australians are holding more of their wealth in superannuation than ever before.

Succession & Estate Planning

Succession planning for your business is often inevitably linked to estate planning, which we will also help you manage from a financial and tax perspective, working in partnership with your solicitor.


Our business clients span a wide range of industries, however, we have particular expertise in the following sectors, which demand a significant level of complexity:


We’ve been the trusted accounting partner of a wide variety of construction industry clients, including: builders, property developers, material suppliers, architects, plumbers, electricians and other trades. We pride ourselves on industry knowledge and the ability to tailor our services to empower business owners like you to take financial control over the direction of your business.



Tech industries thrive on change in this fast-paced and ever-evolving environment, and we are expertly equipped, to match the pace it takes to grow your business. With its inherent entrepreneurial nature, tech companies need solid, strategic business practices and financial guidance to drive success. We’ll support you in keeping your business grounded, while giving you wings to fly.



We are proud to work with a wide range of professional specialists, including Lawyers, Architects, Engineers, Business Consultants and IT Consultants. Working in a partnership or practice, bring an additional layer of complexity to your tax and accounts management. It’s our aim to free you from the burdens of financial management so you can focus on what you do best.



As passionate and dedicated medical professionals, we understand that accounting and tax preparation, is not up there on your list of favourite things to do. Like many professionals, your field of work is your passion. You didn’t set out to be ‘in business’, yet for most it does become an inevitability. We help you plan for the future, improve your financial processes, and help you make informed decisions about your business.



As a family business ourselves, we fully understand the range of unique challenges and strengths that brings. Successful family businesses have a great combination of business professionalism and a healthy focus on the family dynamics. We know that, like us, your company is not 'just a business'. That’s why we take the time to really get to know your family business's culture before recommending strategies for your growth.



It’s a sad fact that many of the failed SMEs each year, failed not because they didn’t secure enough clients, through poor management, or an unattractive product or service offering. Even though they were ticking most of the business boxes fairly well, their businesses failed due to weak or no accounting records. Planning and structuring your business finances and tax up-front, puts you in an empowering and powerful position.




Campbell is not only my personal accountant but is someone I recommend to my clients regularly. His knowledge and experience is phenomenal. His holistic approach and understanding of the Australian tax system are enormous assets for him and Unity Advisors.

Mr Paul Sonntag

Buyers Agent, Property Coach

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