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Do I need to Lodge a Tax Return ?

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[ source : Australian Taxation Office. http://bit.ly/1jG8lo0 ] This interactive application will ask you questions about your personal circumstances to help determine whether you need to lodge an income tax return this year. Information you will need
  • details of any income you have received and tax withheld from employment or in respect of a pension, benefit or allowance
  • whether you have had tax withheld from any other payments that have been made to you
  • whether you are eligible for an Australian Government pension - as a war veteran or war widow or widower
  • for the purposes of the seniors and pensioners tax offsets, you will need to know your rebate income and your spouse's (if applicable) rebate income - for further information regarding this, refer to Income tests calculator.
  • If you have investment income or are a beneficiary from a trust, you will need to know whether you were entitled to receive a franking credit from a dividend or trust distribution
You may need additional information depending on your circumstances. Visit this site to continue with the tool ... http://bit.ly/1jG8lo0   [ source : Australian Taxation Office. http://bit.ly/1jG8lo0 ]


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