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“Exporting News” From EFIC (Export Finance Insurance Corporation)

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EFIC is a specialist financier that delivers solutions for Australian companies to enable them to win business, grow internationally and achieve export success. EFIC is Australia's Export Credit Agency operating on a commercial basis and partners with banks to provide financial solutions for:
  • small and medium enterprises that are exporters
  • Australian companies in an export supply chain;
  • Australian companies looking to expand their business operations overseas to better service their clients;
  • Australian companies operating in emerging and frontier markets.
EFIC commercial operations for exporters includes:
  • loans
  • guarantees
  • bonds; and
  • insurance products
Comments from SME Exporter Index:
  • Small business exporters continue to be optimistic about the future, with 37.6% of exporting SMEs positive about growth in the next year.
  • SME exporters are exhibiting longer term offshore growth ambitions, with 41.3% planning to establish new subsidiaries abroad from 2017 or beyond.
  • Access to finance remains difficult for more than half of the small business exporters surveyed expecting even greater difficulty for sourcing finance for overseas business activity in the next twelve months.
  • One in four small business exporters view China as their most important market by revenue ahead of the USA and India.
  • In response to the Free Trade Agreements with China, Japan and South Korea and a weaker Australian dollar, one in five SMEs intend to establish new overseas operations within the next six months, while a further 5.2% intend to do so within the next year.
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