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Family Business

As a family business ourselves, we fully understand the range of unique challenges and strengths that brings. Successful family businesses have a great combination of professional and personal interests in the business, while maintaining a healthy focus on the family dynamics.

We work hand in hand with you, in your family business to help you create the balance between family and business needs, implementing solid financial frameworks, policies and procedures to ensure its success.

Succession planning is often front of mind with family business owners, and with particular expertise in that area, we will have you navigate the complexities of succession planning to secure the future of your business.

One issue often faced by family businesses is lack of objectivity, due to every team member being so close to the business – and to each other. Unity Advisors can provide this independent view and objectivity for you, chairing strategy meetings, and giving you sound, independent advice. We will systematically work through issues with you, and together, create your family business plan. This can be an essential tool in giving every member of the family clarity on your agreed direction, defining your goals, objectives and long-term vision.

Essentially, we help you plan for success and succession; protect yourselves from family disputes, divorce or death; and find ways to create and maintain your family objectives and values.

We know that, like us, your company is not 'just a business'. That’s why we take the time to really get to know your family business's culture before recommending strategies for your growth.

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