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Tax tips for Australian businesses

The Australian Taxation Office today launched a new campaign to help Australian businesses meet their tax obligations.

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Do I need to Lodge a Tax Return ?

[ source : Australian Taxation Office. http://bit.ly/1jG8lo0 ] This interactive application will ask you questions about your personal circumstances to help determine whether you need to lodge an income tax return this year. Information you will need details of any income you have received and tax withheld from employment or in respect of a pension, benefit or […]

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Succession and retirement planning vital for business owners

SUCCESSFUL businesses take lifetimes to build but many business owners throw away their life’s work by failing to plan for succession and their retirement.

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Do You Want To Form An ESIC?

The Tax Laws Amendment (Tax Incentive for Innovation) Act 2016 for Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC) commenced operation from 1st July 2016. Are you interested in finding out more details about the eligibility requirements for a company to be deemed an ESIC? The key components relate to a number of tests that the company must […]

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Risk Management – Issues For SMEs

There are a wide number of risks that can pertain to small/medium enterprise operations.  This edition will cover few of these risks and we will comment on other risks in future editions. Commercial Risk This category includes risks associated with: the market and the sustainability of the business potential growth of the business export opportunities […]

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Management Of Costs Is Important!

In the CCH survey of small/medium enterprises a couple of years ago, management of costs was identified as the biggest single issue confronting small/medium enterprises. Businesses need to be continually reviewing costs and the business expenses to see where savings can be made.  A dollar saved in expenses goes directly to bottom line profitability.  Many […]

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“Exporting News” From EFIC (Export Finance Insurance Corporation)

EFIC is a specialist financier that delivers solutions for Australian companies to enable them to win business, grow internationally and achieve export success. EFIC is Australia’s Export Credit Agency operating on a commercial basis and partners with banks to provide financial solutions for: small and medium enterprises that are exporters Australian companies in an export […]

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Retail Pricing Strategy To Achieve Better Results

There are a number of common fallacies relating to price setting. These include: price is the only thing about which customers worry low priced products are more successful in a recession it is best to set your prices at the same level as your competitors price low to gain market entry and once market entry […]

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