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Business Succession and Estate Planning

The decision to nominate individuals as the best equipped to take your business into the future is no easy task. And there may be added complexities, driven by the dynamics of a family business, complicated partnerships or group arrangements.

Incredibly, these hugely important succession-planning decisions are often undertaken with a shocking lack of due diligence, unclear selection criteria, and questionable accuracy.

We help you remove all emotion from these important decisions and cut through the confusion, sense of obligation, and internal pressure to guide you toward the right decision for your company, with clear, objective assessment and strategic business and financial planning.

We help you plan and manage your own exit from the business, with a clearly communicated strategy and staged process. 

Succession planning for your business is often inevitably linked to estate planning, which we will also help you manage from a financial and tax perspective, working with your solicitor to ensure cohesive and comprehensive preparations are made to take good care of your loved ones.

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