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Self-Managed Superfunds

Superannuation can be a great option for building personal wealth in a low tax environment.

Today, Australians are holding more of their wealth in superannuation than ever before. People want to have greater control over their super and the last 15 years has seen unprecedented growth in the establishment of self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs).

While establishing a SMSF can give you greater control over your funds, there are a number of complexities you must understand before deciding to take the SMSF path, including:

SMSFs operate in a complicated compliance environment and severe penalties apply to trustees that do not comply.

Before establishing a SMSF we always recommend you seek the professional advice of a financial planner.  We have trusted relationships with highly reputable, expert planners that can assist you in this process.

Once a SMSF has been established, we can provide a full suite of compliance services to ensure you don’t have to worry about your fund’s complying status. 

We administer your SMSF using Class Super - a cloud based accounting and reporting platform that can provide you daily update on the financial position and performance of your superannuation account.

Your SMSF will be serviced by our SMSF specialist accountant, who is a CPA recognised SMSF specialist to ensure the highest standards of compliance. 

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