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It’s a sad fact that many of the failed SMEs each year, failed not because they didn’t secure enough clients, through poor management, or an unattractive product or service offering. Even though they were ticking most of the business boxes fairly well, their businesses failed due to weak or no accounting records. Many don’t realise how critical financial management is to the success of a small business. Without it, business owners tend to waste money, find it difficult to manage cash flow, and access the vital financial intelligence and business reporting that can make or break a small or fledgling business.

By planning and structuring your business finances and your tax up-front, you put yourself in an empowering and powerful position. Accurate reporting and industry benchmarking gives you the confidence to make the right decisions and ensures you are well placed to seize any opportunities that come your way.

Not to mention, you’ll likely pay a whole lot less tax.

At Unity Advisors, we are passionate about pro-active, strategic support. We see no value in simply preparing your tax summary at the end of the year, by which time it can be too late to affect the outcome. Instead, we work with you to plan your new tax year well ahead of time, and meet with you at agreed times during the year to review progress, guide decisions and adjust plans as required.

With your industry expertise and our financial know-how, we’ll make a winning team.

Let us help set you up for business success. Contact us for an initial consultation and explore whether we are a good match.

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